4x4 Car Hire UK

4x4 car hire UK is especially popular in the more rugged parts of the country, such as the rugged areas of Wales or Scotland.

Typical cars in this category are of the type Nissan Pathfinder, Nissan Patrol, Nissan X-Trail, Honda CR-V, Toyota Land Cruiser, Volkswagen Touareg, or similar.

In this category, the cars are often divided into at least three categories: small, large, and executive 4x4 cars.

These cars are great for transporting small groups and equipment, and very popular for a trip to the country or weekend road trips.

Enterprise is one of the most popular rental destinations for this category, and they offer 4x4s in almost all of their rental locations.

Then there is the specialist renter, called SHB 4x4 group, which has locations throughout UK.

SHB Hire Limited was launched in 1968. Now, over 30 years later and operating on a national level, the SHB Group is now specialists in 4x4 vehicles, owning Europe's largest 4x4 hire fleet.

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