AAA Car Rental Discount

AAA car rental discount codes are available for Hertz, as Hertz is the only car-rental company endorsed by AAA.

The main page where AAA lists the coupons available for their members is at

In addition to coupon codes on the car rentals, as of June 2008, AAA members can join Hertz #1 Club Gold at up to a 50% discount.

Hertz has car rental discounts on published daily, weekly, weekend and monthly rates around the world for AAA members.

To locate these discounted rates and discount coupons, you can use the website

which can help you easily find a convenient car rental agency location.

You can use that service even if you're not a AAA member, but you won't be able to qualify for the discounts without a membership.

In addition to providing discounted rates on car rentals to their members, AAA also offers traveler maps, emergency road services, travel and lodging services, assistance in auto buying, leasing, renting, and repair, as well as financial services such as loans and credit cards and insurance.

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