Advantage Rental Car Company

Advantage rental car company works out of 150 U.S. locations and 130 locations in 33 countries internationally.

Advantage is a privately held company, headquartered out of San Antonio, Texas.

Their rental properties include cars for businesses, leisure rental, government and local car hire customers.

The company was established back in 1963 with the name "Three Ninety-Nine Car Rentals."

However, in 1985 the operation was consolidated under Advantage Rent A Car name.

Initially the main focus of the company was on serving the government traveler, but has since expanded strongly in the areas local retail and airport markets.

One of the major developments in the company's history happened back in 2001, when Advantage launched an affiliate partnership program with an international network serving more than 33 countries.

These locations include Canada, Central and South America, the Caribbean, Europe and the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand.

In the United States, Advantage conducts business in 11 states.

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