Alamo Car Rental Coupon Discount

Alamo car rental coupon discount codes and offers are available through and many specialist websites that offer advice on how to get bargain car rental deals.

One of the most active sites for discount codes and coupons in general is What I've found remarkable about the site is that often lists coupon codes from sources including specific companies that have made deals with Alamo as well as employee codes that only Alamo insiders can use.

Because of that background, you should be very wary of using any coupon code for discounts that does not have a specific affiliation with any company that has been approved to offer the codes to the public.

Using unauthorized codes for discounts may result in you paying a much higher rate, as the car rental agencies realize that you are not part of that discount program.

For the codes that are authorized for public use, other sources to find them include coupon websites, which list not only car hire agency codes, but also codes for anything else available for sale.

These coupon websites include,, and

If you go to, there is a specific section for bargain deals under the section 'hot deals'.

The company also has an email newsletter, called Deals on Wheels that profiles their best deals for car rentals each week.

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