Alamo Rental Car Sales

Alamo rental car sales are part of the also known as program cars sales.

In fact, rental fleets from Alamo, as well as National, Hertz and Enterprise go to rental car sales after a certain period of time in the rentable fleet.

Typically, these cars have above-average mileage for their age, but they have foregone a solid maintenance program throughout the period under service, enforced by the rental chain.

Because of the higher than average mileage, you can count on getting savings of as much as up to a third of a new car price (or more).

Alamo has been diversifying their rental car fleet as consumer demand changes, so a wider choice of cars is now typically available through their rental car sale locations.

One of the advantages that you often find in used rental cars is an intact warranty.

An alternative to Alamo would be to find used company car fleets, which often have the same good maintenance profile as rental cars do.

Buying used rental cars is likely to become an even more attractive option as cars become more and more reliable and resistant against wear and tear in use.

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