Auto Insurance Coverage Driving Rental

Auto insurance coverage driving rental should be examined before you go to the rental desk.

This is because leaving it that late can result in costly mistakes, one of being wasting money by purchasing unnecessary coverage or having gaps in coverage.

This is why you should contact your insurance company representative as well as the credit card company of the credit car you will be using to pay the rental, to find out your existing coverage based on your existing insurance agreements and coverage by the credit card company.

Specifically, with the insurance company, find out whether the existing coverage and deductibles you have on your own car will apply when you rent a car.

The case may be that you don't have comprehensive or collision insurance on your own car, in which case you normally will not be covered if your rental car is stolen or damaged in an accident.

You also need to find out if the insurance company pays for administrative fees, loss of use, or towing charges.

If there is any coverage, credit cards usually cover only damage to or loss of the rented vehicle, not for other cars, personal belongings or the property of others.

In addition, there may be no personal liability coverage for bodily injury or death claims.

You need to contact the credit card company whose card you will be using for the rental for details.

As for law required coverage by the car rental companies, rental companies must provide the state required amount of liability insurance.

Often, these amounts are low and do not provide much protection.

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