Business Rental Car Insurance

Business rental car insurance is available from most companies that offer business insurance in general.

These companies include All State and State Farm insurance companies.

Normally, however, these are under the optional business insurances, which you pick from the several available ones.

For example, the rental car optional business coverage provides liability coverage for you, as the business owner, when you rent vehicles for use in your business on a short-term basis.

For an added level of protection, you may also consider Hired Auto Physical Damage Coverage from All State, which provides comprehensive and collision physical damage protection to the vehicles you rent on a short-term basis.

If you have people working for you, and don't want to pay for the individual rental car insurances each time the car is rented, you should ask for the insurance companies for separate coverage for this type of activity.

That coverage will cost you, typically, based on how many car rentals your employees are estimated to make a year, and the underlying prices if you'd take a insurance coverage each time.

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