Car Rental Promotion Codes

Car rental promotion codes are available through coupon aggregators.

Aggregators are coupon site into which the car rental companies and others send their latest coupons, which are at their basic, a promotional tool similar to instant rebates and other instant marketing.

Before internet, these coupons were available from newspapers, where you had to clip them out or belong to a association that had special deals with these companies.

Now, however, you can get these coupons by simply going to the aggregator sites and writing down the coupon codes (no more clipping out anything).

These aggregator sites include,, and

Of these, the website has deals from hundreds of top rated stores and 30 categories and growing.

Savings with coupons through their site are available with a total of 10000+ coupons at any time and promotional codes at 2500+ name brand merchants.

The last time I checked, at least Thrifty had special deals through the site.

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