Car Sharing Increases on Campuses

For this study year, some 70 colleges and universities nationwide have partnered with car sharing companies.

Under these agreements, the car share companies provide cars available for hourly rentals to members of the campus community.

The services will reduce the need for students to keep cars on campus and thus will alleviate parking woes, which is a welcome relief to most campuses where there is as few as one parking place for every four or five student.

Both the two largest car-sharing companies, Zipcar and Flexcar, are in on the new pilot program.

For each, the first campus pilot programs started way back in 2002, with MIT for Zipcar, and University of Washington for Flexcar.

One of the benefits for students is that while traditional car rental companies don't rent to persons under 25, Zipcar and Flexcar do so in selected campuses to students as young as 18.

Both companies do charge between $25 and $35 for an annual college membership for the service in addition to hourly fees, which range from $5 to $9 for use.

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