Car Trailer Rental

Car trailer rental types include cargo trailers, utility trailers, vehicle trailers, and sport trailers.

Cargo Trailers

Cargo trailers are great for situations where you need to move large pieces of furniture or other products from one place to another. This is especially true if the car or moving truck is filled to capacity.

Modern cargo trailers are very aerodynamic, lightweight as well as low-profile, which significantly reduces the drag on the car. That should increase gas mileage.

You should also look for trailers in this category with low center of gravity, stabilized suspension and wide track, all of which make for safer, easier towing.

Sport Trailer

Typical sport trailers are easy to tow and provide extra space and convenience to your vehicle.

Typical sport trailers are designed so that even some of smallest cars can tow these lightweight sport trailers.

They have sleek designs and low-profile statures to effectively minimize wind resistance, maximize driver maneuverability and visibility, and improve the towing vehicle's fuel economy.

However, many sport trailers can carry about three times the trunk space of a midsize car.

Utility trailers

Many use utility trailers for in-town errands, that may include hauling building supplies, to picking up landscaping materials or hauling refuse to the landfill.

Typical utility trailers offer galvanized material, designed to easily and securely hold many different materials for do-it-yourself projects.

Vehicle Trailers

Trailers in this category include car trailers, dolly car trailers, and motorcycle trailers.

For car trailers, you should look for trailers that keep all wheels of the towed vehicle off the ground and that can handle long-distance moves.

Some of the features may include low height and extended ramp lengths that would play into providing the best angles for loading and unloading vehicles with low clearance or spoilers.

A trailer's fender can also tilt out to optimize easy access to the towed vehicle, and a surge brake provides maximum stopping assistance.

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