Cheap Discount Car Rental Cars

Cheap discount car rental cars are best found using car rental price comparison engines.

One of the best in this regard is the search, which is really a metasearch, going through tens of different websites for the best prices.

The last time I checked, for example, a search for rental cars in Miami, FL, returned 469 results, of which a $16 dollars a day rental for Chevrolet Aveo from Enterprise Rent-A-Car was the cheapest.

There are additional ways, beyond metasearch, to find the best deals. One of these is to get exclusive deals from websites that partner with rental car companies to bring the lowest fares.

One of these sites is the website, which does not reveal which companies it sells rentals with. You only find out after you're purchased the deal.

These deals are priced so low because the companies that are selling them want to sell their inventory to the fullest, but cannot slash their prices across the board. Therefore, they sell some in spectacular prices through but elsewhere the prices remain the same.

Similarly, allows you to name your own price on car rentals. You add your destination and the price your willing to pay for the rental, and after submitting your bid, will get email whether your bid was accepted and if so, by whom.

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