Last Minute Car Rental Deals

Last minute car rental deals is one way to get to deeply discounted rates on car hire.


Hotwire is known as one of the best places to find deeply discounted last minute offers from car rental companies with available inventory.

On top of their ordinary discounted rates for car hire, they also have the 'deals' section, which is reserved for special last minute rates on car rental around the nation.

The widest selection for these deals is typically for week end periods.

Last Minute . com

Last Minute is a website that, as the name suggests, aims to provide the best deals on last minute reservations.

The also have a function called Last Second Deals:

which aims to provide deals for those needing a car hire at the last moment at the greatest discounts.


This website allows you to search Last-Minute Car Rental rates by city.

They also send weekly email newsletters reporting on the available last-minute Internet offers and the latest travel promotions to their subscribers.

The website's members are eligible for special discounts on airfares, hotels, car rentals, and more.

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