Lima Peru Hotel Map Weather

Some of the better Lima Peru hotel map weather resources include the official tourism board for Peru.

The official site, Peru Export and Tourism Promotion Board website at, has great information on the sights and sounds of Peru, and a good list of hotels in Lima.

The list contains many hotels that you won't normally see on hotel and travel sites such as Expedia, due to their small size or non-marketing efforts online, which is not untypical of Peruvian hotels. The site also has a 7 day weather report for many locations in Peru.

In Spanish, the word weather is 'tiempo', which is how you find weather information from the web in spanish. The official center for weather forecasting in Peru is called Centro de pronĂ³sticos del Tiempo y Clima en el PerĂº and has a website at (in Spanish).

For English service, to get my weather forecasts in Lima, I personally prefer the ones at, which has forecasts up to 10 days in advance, as well as seasonal averages and climate descriptions for Peru and Lima:

For maps, you can find online maps such as the one below from Google:

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