Low Cost Car Hire

Low cost car hire is available from such companies as Sixti and easyCar.

These two rental car companies typically provide the bottom dollar deals on the markets they operate.

They can offer low prices due to having a parent company that can buy low cost cars en masse, thus getting bulk discounts, savings which are then transferred to lower rental prices.

Sixti (sixti.com), part of Sixt Group, operates in several European destinations, including Germany, Switzerland, and Italy. You can see the full list of locations at sixti.com/en/car_rental_stations/.

EasyCar (easycar.com) is part of the Easy Group of companies, which also include easyCruise, easyInternetCafe, and easyJet.

They currently provide car rental in more than 2,400 locations in over 60 countries, including the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada,Spain, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, South Africa, Germany, Jersey, Guernsey, and Australia.

Most of their locations are situated at popular visitor destinations such as Orlando, Florida, at airports and in city centres.

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