Rental Car Insurance Credit Card

Rental car insurance credit card may be enough to cover all your rental car insurance needs.

This coverage typically applies only if you use their card to rent a car.

However, before making such assumptions about your credit card coverage, you should read your credit card agreement in full, and get a written verification from the credit card company to the extend of the coverage in terms of renting a car.

These steps are essential because the coverage provided by credit cards is not always the full coverage most are looking for.

What's more, some credit cards only offer coverage if you rent your car from a particular agency that the company has a relationship with.

Other limitations include the days for which coverage is available.

Also, some may provide coverage for only certain types and/or classes of cars.

It is also possible that the coverage is not automatic and you must enroll in a specific program to get the coverage.

What you should be especially keen on finding your credit card rental car coverage, is that does it leave you exposed for personal injury or property damage to others?

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