Rental Car Insurance State Farm

Rental car insurance State Farm is available bundled or optional with some of the larger insurance packages.

When you rent a car and do not take the rental insurance from the renting company, you could have some additional coverage, on top of the ones mandated by state and federal laws, from insurance companies such as State Farm.

What you should make sure, when purchasing coverage from State Farm, is that you get all the aspects of car rental covered, such as Collision Damage coverage.

Sometimes, the rental car insurance might be part of your existing insurance with State Farm, such as home insurance or more likely, an existing car insurance.

If they are, check out whether these coverages are what you need in your car rental. If not, you should contact your insurance representative to get additional coverage.

Even though you get the coverage needed, check out the limitations to such coverage very carefully so you won't get denied your claim if anything happens.

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