Rental Car Rates

Best ways to compare rental car rates include the rate comparison engines, including Kayak.


The idea behind this search is that it gets the lowest fares for your chosen location for rental cars from many different rental car agencies.

You can choose airports only or city locations only, as well as the type of car you'd like, such as Compact, for example.

Kayak has been named "Best of the Web" by BusinessWeek, "Best of the Web" by, "50 Coolest Websites" by TIME Magazine, "Best Travel Search Engine" by the Associated Press, "Best Search Aid" by Travel + Leisure Magazine and "Best of the Web" by US News & World Report.


With Hotwire, car rental companies sell parts of their inventory at prices that will increase usage rates for their fleet, by getting the cars rented though otherwise the inventory would likely remain unrented.

You get the prices first for your search, then, only after you make a reservation at the site, you get to know which rental agency you made the reservation with.

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