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Not all companies do rental cars bmw car hire, but one of the most popular ones that do is Avis.

Avis has a program called Avis Prestige, which offers cars in the luxury category, including more expensive BMWs.

As of November 2007, the BMW car range from Avis Prestige includes BMW 630 Cabriolet, BMW X5 4x4, and BMW 325 Cabriolet.

rental cars bmw car hire - Avis Prestige

BMW 630 Cabriolet is BMW's first large luxury performance Cabriolet in half a century. It provides a blend of performance, practicality, and style.

BMW X5 4x4 was launched in 1999, as the first “sports utility vehicle” with a credible claim to be fun to drive.

BMW 325 Cabriolet is the fourth generation BMW 3-Series Convertible and has a steel three-piece roof which will turn the coupe into a convertible or vice versa in under 23 seconds.

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